Potty Independence Is The Goal!

First things first: I believe that potty training is a really big deal – for both you and your child!

The biggest benefit for you (as a parent) is the most obvious one… no more dealing with poopy diapers on a daily basis! (And no more lugging that bulky diaper bag around with you everywhere you go… Boy, was I sick of that thing by the time my youngest was potty trained!)

But it’s an even more important milestone for your child! Along with first words and first steps, it’s one of the biggest milestones of your little one’s life. And it’s the first milestone where your child is old enough to really “get” what’s going on and feel a genuine sense of pride in what they have accomplished!

In my opinion, your goal should be what I call “potty independence.” This means that your child is 100% responsible for using the bathroom without your help.  The “No-Sweat Potty Training” System teaches your child to:

  • Recognize when he or she needs to use the toilet.
  • Pull clothes down without your help.
  • Use the toilet independently.
  • Wipe, flush and wash hands without your help.

I also believe that potty training is a “parent-directed” activity. I know that there are some books and websites who will tell you to wait until your child “tells you they are ready” to start potty training.

Not me!

If your child can understand simple instructions like “Please pick up your toy and put it on the table,” and has the motor skills to pull their pants up and down – they’re probably ready to start potty training!

Most children wait until their parents are ready before they start potty training… not the other way around!