Is Your Child Ready to
Start Potty Training?
The answer may surprise you...
because most of the "conventional wisdom"
about potty training is flat-out wrong!

In this FREE report, I expose the biggest
myths about potty training, including:

  • Why "pull-up" training pants are a scam... and how they can actually sabotage your child's potty training!
  • Why most of the talk about potty training being difficult and traumatic for your child is nonsense.
  • Why letting your child decide when to start potty training could be a HUGE mistake!
  • Why you need to approach daytime "accidents" and a wet diaper at night completely differently...
  • The difference between potty training boys & girls!

About the "No-Sweat Potty Training" System

If you and your child are ready to say "goodbye" to diapers... and you're looking for a fast, fun, and tantrum-free way to get started, here's what you'll get with the No-Sweat Potty Training system:
  • The "No-Sweat Potty Training" Guide. A full 55 pages of easy-to-follow instructions that show you exactly what to do (and what to say to your child) every step of the way.
  • No-Sweat Potty Training Fast-Start Workbook. An additional 28-page resource containing checklists, daily progress sheets, nighttime training charts, and much more!
  • Reward Coupons, Charts & Certificates. These are great for motivating and rewarding your little one along the way! Different designs for boys & girls. 20 in all!
  • "No-Sweat Potty Training" Video Library. In-depth video presentations where we'll cover the finer points of potty training - and what to do when things don't go exactly as planned.
You get everything you need to get "diaper-free" in just one day! Click here to learn more!


  • Thank you so much for the potty training package. It works great, my 2 1/2 was so good at it she even beat her older brother.
    ~ Anita J.
  • I can already see a difference in her understanding of when she needs to go. We have not had a poop accident since we started the program.
    ~ Shandy M.
The No-Sweat Potty Training Philosophy

First things first: I believe that potty training is a really big deal - for both you and your child! The biggest benefit for you (as a parent) is... [READ MORE]

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